Hi, daylily fans! 


Nikki Schmith here, AHS President and Region 2 Director.  This note comes to you today from the AHS Membership Portal- using the email address you have on file.  I hope it finds you in good spirits on this Friday, and thank you for letting me in your Inbox. 


In about 50 days, several hundred daylily lovers will gather in Norfolk, Virginia for the 2017 AHS National Convention.

You are cordially and warmly invited to join over 400 other daylily enthusiasts in the summer sun!  There is still time and space for you to be part of this year's fun.  The Tidewater Daylily Society is anxiously awaiting our arrival. One of the tour gardens was just named to a major magazines "all-time favorites" lists!  You can't miss this one.


If you have not registered yet, I invite you to do so now!  You can register and pay online using this link: http://ahs2017convention.org/registration.html 


I’d like to directly address those of you who are reading this, but have never been to a national convention.  Yes – YOU!


The AHS National Convention is not for “insiders.”  It’s not exclusively for “experts.”  It is for all of us- even for people who don’t really like people sometimes.  There is so much to do, you can plan as much or as little activity as you like!


You can take classes toward AHS judge certification, attend seminars, take in-garden workshops, participate in silent and live auctions, build business and personal relationships, speak up in open forums, have spirited debates, get free plants and buy more plants, purchase raffle tickets, start new conversations, attend brainstorming sessions and administrative meetings, have fun at social hour and after-hours, meet people you only know online - in person, eat good food at two banquets and two lunches included in your fee, learn watercolor in an auxiliary class, meet hybridizers and nursery people, tour Williamsburg on the optional tour, tour six daylily-centric gardens and a botanical garden via luxury charter bus in an area of our country rich in history and interest and so much more… here’s the tentative schedule: http://ahs2017convention.org/schedule.html   


Parking at the hotel has been discounted to $5 per day if paid in advance, too!  All overflow hotels have rooms available and shuttle service is being arranged.


Kudos to Tidewater Daylily Society - as I have heard during planning conferences with the committee, they are ready for a grand daylily party.


2017 is the year you should invest in your daylily love and make plans June 21-24 to join us in Norfolk. 

Facebook convention presence here: https://www.facebook.com/AHS-2017-Convention-189118518148846/  

It is a weekend of fun planned for daylily lovers of all shapes and brain sizes.


Just splurge…don’t stay in there.  Come out here.  ??


Stay tuned for more special invitations from your Regional Directors, Presidents and local clubs, too!  We hope this message reaches all our daylily friends.  Let me know if you have any questions!


Hope to see you there!


Nikki Schmith



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